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Why should I participate?
Participating makes sense because you can hardly loose. There is knowledge to be gained and cash to be made with little or no input on your side. That’s the reason for our slogan “Riches Within Reach”.
You read and learn free
You answer only 3 objective questions on what you have read
You earn at least N2,000 Weekly
Lastly, its free to join, Free to gain knowledge and absolutely free to earn reccurrent Income Everyweel.
How do I participate?
To participate, simply register by visiting this link  HERE  Sign up and expect our notification for the next quiz.
What do I need to participate?
All you need is either a laptop or a mobile phone such as blackberry phone, Nokia Phones etc with internet connection. The site has been tested very well on blackberry browsers as well as nokia but the outcome on other mobile phone browsers is not guaranteed. Most GSM Network now give free Megabite so you dont have to spend money on Internet cost because you only need to spend few minutes on the internet.
Hope this is not a scam?
Generally we will prove how genuine we are over time but for now, we can guarantee you that if anybody is asking you to pay money into a particular account, asking you for your ATM pin, or to send a recharge card to a particular mail address or phone number, disregard it immediately because purplebolt management will NEVER ask you to do that.
We have requested for your account details in our sign-up form, please note that completing this field is OPTIONAL and we requested for it because we intend to make paying into your bank account possible however for those that are skeptical and for this reason have decided not to complete the account details field, your phone line will simply be credited with the credit worth the amount you have won. WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY, WE ONLY GIVE.
Will I have to pay any money?
No, you don’t need to pay us any money to participate.
How will I know the date and time for the Quiz
Currently, Quiz starts by exactly 5PM on Sundays and only lasts for 10 Minutes. We will however notify your GSM Mobile phone as soon as we have new Quizes.
How soon after a quiz will the results be available?
The results will be available 10 minutes after quiz starts.
How will I know if I’m a winner?
Your name and phone number will appear in the list of winners when you visit the correction page. You might also receive SMS notification. You should also see it on your homepage how much it is you have won.
How long before I get paid?
Depending on the bank, it might take up to 72 hours but we will pay instantly. If you are recharging your phone with the money won, you should get it almost instantly.
How do I get paid?
Payment shall be made into you bank account or your phone shall be recharged depending on the option you choose. If you are a winner, you shall be chanced to choose your mode of payment from the home page or correction page.
How often will the quizzes be hosted?
For now, since its just starting, we will strive to host at least a quiz in a week and over time, it might change to daily.
How will I know when there is a quiz?
Please follow us on twitter(@purplebolts) and join our fanpage on facebook. Occasionally, we might send text messages too. Feel free to check our website HERE

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