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How to choose best expert advisor
What are Expert Advisor;
 EAs as popularly called are created from programming language in mql /  metaquotes language and tested in Metatrader inbuilt strategy tester. This Strategy tester use previous data of what happened in the forex market over the specified period in the tester parameter to test the EA / robot and produces the results at the end of the test carried out.
Selecting good EA Program
Selecting a good EA depend on the knowledge of person is question.  To determine a good robot, there is need to do a thorough test of the Expert advisor using the metatrader 4 /5 tester which reveals some details about the Expert advisor.
All several details revealed through the back test are important while some are more important. Below are the details brought out by the test result and their importance
Period covered by the tester
This is the time selected by the person testing the EA and It is important to test the strategy for at least 1 year of data because testing it over a short time can give false report as total / overall market conditions might not be captured during such short duration
This is often mistaken as the most important element of an ea. Although it is important but not as important as knowing the weak part of the expert advisor. This shows the total wins divided by the total losses. It reveals the profit expected by the EA user.
Draw Down
Draw down is the most important part of a tester report as it shows how risky an expert advisor is and its tendency to blow a forex account. DD as popularly called shows the lowest loss at any point of time the account is trading while Maximum Draw down simply means the maximum lowest amount remaining in the forex account at any point of time based on the trading style of the robot. trades). DD is very important to avoid margin call/ your account being blown. It is believed that less than 20% max drawn down is okay while anything higher than that is too bad
Average Losses
How / Why on earth should we look at losses for us to determine if EA is good or not. In as much as we look at profitability, there is also need to check the EAs average/  maximum losses at all points. Checking such loss reveals some salient information about the EA
Expected payoff
This is another important part of a strategy ester report as it shows the gross profit, gross loss, the duration and the initial deposit used to start the forex account. The higher the result shows, the better and more profitable the Robot is. Values greater than 100 or 150 could be termed as profitable
Modelling quality
 This shows the reliability of the test carried out. Any test greater than 90% utilization is considered good and reliable.
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How to get your Google Adsense Account verified when you are unable to get your Pin

Having Problem Getting your Google Adsense Account Verified? This is a common issue especially in Developing countries in Africa and Asia. Most especially, Bloggers in Nigeria usually complain about their inability to get Adsense PIN sent to their addresses. This could possibly due to house numbering/ Address system errors as well as Mobile Phone Service providers Problems.
However with this Article, I will give you a tested and trusted solution to verifying your Google Adsense within a short while  even if your verification pin was not mailed to you.
If you’ve already explored the support pages, and have directly contact adsense support. Then login to your adsense account and you may find any message relating to when (the time) your Adsense PIN was last generated and sent. If you the date stated in the message inside your adsense setting tab is over six Months and you have not yet seen or gotten your Adsense PIN, then Open this link Website in a new Tab or Window to send a mail to adsense support with a scanned copy of your International Travelling Passport, National Identity Card, or a Bank statement. If you don’t have a scanner, then you can even attempt to take a picture from your mobile phone if it can take a great picture.  They should verify your account within a few weeks and lift the hold on your account.
N.B: These processes should only be done when you have already requested for the pin 2-3 times and didnt get any result. Good luck on your Blogging Career
How to Make money from blogging ( Step by Step Tutorial)
 In order to make money blogging, what you need to do first is to
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  • Register for google adsense
  • Keep good content on your site
  •  Monetize your blog or Website
  • Start earning continously. ( even While sleeping)
  • 1. Find Your Niche/Topic ( A topic you know very well)
  • 2. Pick your Domain Name ( as cheap as 4$)  
  • 3. Register the Domain  ( as cheap as 4$)
  • 4. Create Your Blog ( free from blogger or wordpress)
  • 5. Upload Your Theme ( in case of blogger you get a lot of free themes)
  • 6. Install Plugins (Applicable to Wordpress)
  • 7. Write and Post new and original mind catching and interesting Articles (Make sure they have genuine keywords for Search engine optimization)
  • 8. Customize Your Blog in terms of the layout or outlook
  • 9. Monetize Your Blog ( Using Adsense, adlink, adbrite, affilliates, amazon etc
  • 10. Watch your income grow and repeat or refresh your blog with new, interesting, attractive article.
  • Never forget to carry out good Search engine optimization activities
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I am pretty sure each one of us possesses a hobby or a subject of interest. In my case for instance I love to know about latest job opprtunities available Worldwide. It  ll be amazing if I tell you that you can actually reap good income by sharing your ideas and interests with other people. This is very much possible today with the advent of giant internet industries and places like Blogger and Wordpress which provide you everything that you may need to start your blog.

Follow these instructions
  • Sign up at any free blog hosting service like wordpress or blogger with your name and details. Choose the blog address that you want with an appropriate title that states what the blog content is going to be all about.
  • After signing up and getting your own mini webpage you can design or make changes as you like. Select the fonts, style size or choose one of the default template settings. In the same process go to the layout page and add the adsense application which would eventually display ads on your site. Tweak the ads to appear above and below posts and in any empty spaces on the sides.
  • As we are now already setup with our blog, all we need to do is add some posts. Best would be to start with topics that our most current and most relevant to your blog. Always bear in mind that the content that you add to your blog is not hostile or offensive to any group or individual, but instead always have a positive and friendly tone. Try to have more factual and unique articles. No plagiarism at all.
  • Next and most important would be signing up for Google adsense or any other advertising services you may want to use. This part would be easy if you already have a gmail account. However be sure that you have enough posts on your blog to captivate any person otherwise Google may disapprove your application for displaying ads on your site. Fill up the form and request for verification keys in the meantime we move on upgrading our Blog.
You would be happy that your blog has been created and making money for you.
  • NB: blogging is not for the lazy, be prepared for a little hardwork
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List of popular affiliate marketplaces and networks: 
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List of companies that provide monetization widgets: 

List of sponsored reviews and paid blogging networks: 
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Paid Surveys
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Internet scam is everywhere in the World. From America to Europe, Asia, to Africa etc. However, A country on the coast of Africa "Nigeria is always believed to be the major Culprit. Nigeria is a country in Africa with a Population of over One hundred and forty Million people (Census 2006). It’ no news that Nigeria popularly called 9ja is blessed with various human and natural resources including but not limited to Crude oil.
However, the Military incursion into governance in Nigeria has made governance in Nigeria a business venture for the elitist. Somehow ironically, power changed hands in May 29 1999 to civilian rule with the sets of old military ruler camouflaging themselves as civilians. The results of governance could not be far fetched – the same set of rulers, same rules, same mismanagement, same extra-judicial killings, doubled suffering for the masses and rapid infrastructural decay
Why I’m I saying this when I’m supposed to be discussing internet advanced free fraud popularly called yahoo-yahoo by the few unscrupulous Nigerians. These reasons are not far fetched they are due to;
High level of Illiteracy and gross neglect of the education sector by the government
Porosity of Nigerian borders and Documents. Most non Nigerians carry Nigerian passport and identification for fraudulent uses ( Since they are dark skinned, the West will have no doubt about their identity)
High cost of living, low standard of living and high rate of unemployment. Hence, unemployed youth take short cut to riches by spamming the rest of the World on the internet.
High porosity of Nigerian security system. Most fraudulent mails could have been tracked, traced and the sender prosecuted.
However, the following tips listed below will help to protect you from online scams.
  • Never react or reply to any unwanted mails. Don’t even click the link from your email. This could be used to compromise (hack) your mailbox.
  • Don’t be greedy, Never believe their promise to give you a share from inheritance or Oil revenue
  • Never give your credit card number or any account details to anyone
  • Deal only with reputable Websites that displays the padlock sign.  Always check website’s private policy so that your email box is not sold out to scammers
  • Never reply to any trade proposal with badly worded paragraphs. This is a clear sign of Nigerian scammers because most of them are semi illiterates.
  • Finally, report any fraudulent mails to the appropriate authority for investigation and further prosecution.

Keeping all these rules above will undoubtedly keep you off the hooks of Scammers.


When that statement ‘a million Naira’ is made, some people open their eyes wide as if the eyeballs are going to jump out of their socket.
Why, you may ask?
Well: I think it is because the figure looks so intriguing to a good number of people that they doubt if they will ever touch it in their lifetime.
From time to time, I tell people that there is no big deal about a million Naira, and that anybody can make it in a calculated period if they know the formulas:

1. SOLVE PROBLEMS: that is what the legendary Robert Kiyosaki of the phenomenally successful Rich Dad’s publications said. He simply puts it this way, ‘if you truly want to create wealth, solve problems’. I personally believe him and I have decided to share it with you. Honestly, I hardly can find any other positive way of becoming a millionaire as helping people to solve their problems. If you doubt me, go and ask Alhaji Aliko Dangote and Bishop David oyedepo and my fantastic and erudite publisher, Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase.

2. FIND A NEED AND FILL IT: That is a multi-million dollar suggestion from a multi-millionaire Pastor of Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, United States of America, Dr. Robert Harold Schuller. If you shy away from his statement and you’re looking for an alternative route to greatness, you are simply wasting destiny. If you are doubting me; ask  Bill Gates of Microsoft Corporation, Warren Buffet, Prince Adedoyin of Doyin Group, Professor Dora Akinyili and don’t forget to ask Chief Raymond Dokpesi of AIT and Ray power.

3. HELP OTHER PEOPLE, GET WHAT THEY WANT: this is magnificent statement from one of the most respected motivational speakers in history, Zig Ziglar. The statement above is not complete, the complete statement is; ‘The best way to get everything you want is to help many other people get what they want’.
You may want to take me up on this too, but before you do that, please ask Aihaji Rasheed Ogbara of Ragolis Waters, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyawu of Chanpion Newspapers and Prince Mike Adenuga of the GLO fame.
So, my admonition is this; if you are truly sincere about having good life, your sure bet is to help many other people to have good life too, using your God given talents, dreams and passions.

4. SIT DOWN, THINK AND CALCULATE: this is my own personal success formula. I first shared this formula at  Lagos in 2006 where I was invited to speak, I told them over there, that the secret of being a millionaire is to develop a good product or service, find a way to sell such product or service to one million people and make a profit of one naira.
I told them again, if you can’t get one million people then sell to 500,000 people and make a profit of two naira, and that will also net you a million naira.

And per adventure you can’t meet the 500,000 customers target, then meet the 250,000 target etc.
In recent times, I became obsessed with helping people raise their first million naira that I went all the way to design a website for that singular purpose. All current post culled from federalspace.


How to watch Football and make living from it.

Like many Nigerians, I love the game of football. Right from when I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by it. I watch and read everything that is related to football.
As an Ibadan boy, I supported IICC Shooting Stars and in 1992
when I started watching the English Premiership, I became as fan of Manchester United.
Not too long ago, I visited the United Kingdom and in my usual fashion, I was watching and analysing the premier league. One of my friends asked me to help him predict what the outcome of some football matches were.

Manchester United at home to Aston Villa
Arsenal at home to Birmingham
Liverpool at home to Wigan

I chose Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool to win. He thanked me and left. He came back later in the evening to give me a gift of £100. I asked him why and he said my prediction had just earned him £1,000.
What? £1,000 for predicting the outcome of those three matches? That is the easiest money anyone would ever make if you ask me. I know many people in Nigeria can easily earn that. I then decided to give it a trial as well. But I ended up disappointed. I was losing more money than I was putting in. I wondered how this could be because I was the one predicting for my friends. I
decided to seek wise counsels from them.Then my eyes opened.

Football betting is all about betting against bookmakers. It is different from betting against other people the way most people do. It is also different from pools betting.

Bookmakers are betting companies that provide the platform for betting activities. They also provide the prices and expected winnings on each football match.
All you need to do is to determine the outcome of a particular match or a series of matches. You don't need to predict the exact scoreline. Of course there are bets where you can predict the exact scoreline and we will talk about that later.

The price per match will be determined by how hard it is. The easier the match, the lesser the potential returns. The harder the match, the higher the potential outcome.
Assuming Manchester United wants to play Wigan Athletic at Old Trafford, we all know there is a very high likelihood that Manchester United would win.

The money you are expected to win if you say Manchester United will beat Wigan will be very small. In fact, very very small.
On the other hand, if you say Wigan will beat Manchester United, then the expected monetary returns would be high. It will be high as well if you say it will end in a draw.

Talking About Prices...
Each football match has its own price. It's called odds. Have you ever heard statements like “Bookmakers have said Chelsea to win the league at 6/4”? That 6/4 is the money tag on Chelsea to win the title.
Don't worry. I will explain more.
Using the Manchester United and Wigan example above, a bookmaker can say his price/odds for the match is 2/7. This means that for every $7 you play with, you win $2 plus the $7 you had a bet with. Your total returns would be N9.

Is it making sense now?
Predict that Wigan will beat Manchester United, the odds could be 4/1. That means that if you bet with N1 you will win N4 plus your initial $1 which makes your total earnings N5.
I've used naira above as an example. Most bookies operate in pound sterling and dollars. They work the same way.

Still using the Manchester United and Wigan example...
So if you want to bet on it, what would you do? Manchester United to win at 2/7? To win N200 you have to play with N700.
You need to ask yourself if it's worth it to risk N700 to win N200?
Or will you back Wigan to win at 4/1? You only need to put in N100 to win an extra N400. But will Wigan beat Manchester United? That is where your football mind and knowledge is needed.
Let's Understand Prices/Odds More...

Take a look at the matches in the fixtures and prices below...
Chelsea to beat Manchester City at home is priced at 2/5. That is you bet with N5 to win N2. That is a total expected returns of N7.
(Always remember that the figure at the end is what you stake with and the one in front is what you will win)
The match is 11/4 for a draw and 6/1 for an away win for Manchester City.

Start analysing and start seeing possibilities.

Evs: Maybe you were wondering what that means. It means 1/1.
You play with N1, you win an additional N1. You play with
N1,000 you win an additional N1,000.

Other Kinds Of Odds...
Not all odds are written in fractions. As in not written like 5/1, 1/3, 4/7 and so on. Some odds are written in decimals like 1.33, 2.45 etc.
If you see 2.45, it simply means if you bet with one Naira, you will return 2.4 Naira. Whatever figure is shown, it means that is what will be returned if you place N1.

So you can calculate your expected earnings according to what you want to bet on. As far as
I'm concerned, decimal odds are the easiest to calculate.
The bookies (bookmakers) can determine what kind of odds they will be using. Some will allow you to choose the one you want. I feel comfortable with the fractionals so I use it.
If I want to change from fractional odds to decimal odds, all I need to do is click on fractional odds as shown above and vice versa.

That is if the bookmaker you're using allows you to.
There is also another kind of odds called the “American Odds”.
Don't worry about that.
Just stick with the fractional and decimal odds and you will be
I'm sure you now know about prices and odds and prices. So we should move on to some other things.

Talking About Bookmakers...
There are many bookmakers out there that you can use. It's your choice to decide on the one you want. There isn't anyone that you can really say it's the best. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.
Let me list some of the best for you. The list is not exhaustive I must confess but these ones are very good.
– Coral
– William Hill
– Bet Fair
– Bet365
– Ladbrokes
– Sky Bet
– Bet Direct
– Stan James
– Paddy Power
– Fonbet
– Bet Estate
visit for list of bookmakers with their site addresses.

I use only three of them. Coral, Bet365 and BetEstate. I use them for some reasons.
My favourite bookmaker is Coral. They however don't however accept Nigerians. So I use them only when I'm in the UK. You can however take a look at their site at

My other favorite bookie is Bet365. You can access Bet 365 at

The biggest problem we face in Nigeria is that most bookmakers don't accept us. Even the ones that accept us, you have to go through the rigours of bank transfers to fund your account with money.
When you win, they will have to transfer to your bank account or Debit Card. All these take time and it kills the fun of this business.
What if you see a nice bet you'll like to “hammer” right away and you don't have money in your betting account?

Special Update: Nigerian Visa Cards are accepted at Bet365 without stress so you can give it a try. I know they accept Access Bank's Visa Card. You pay with the card and you withdraw into the card. You can then get cash from any ATM that displays the VISA Logo.
Because of all these “wahala”, I was glad when I discovered some bookmakers that accept Liberty Reserve.

Here is one of them.
Don't get me wrong here. Betestate is not one of the best bookies but they accept Liberty Reserve hence my talking about it.
They accept Liberty Reserve as a form of payment and you know we are allowed to use Liberty Reserve as Nigerians. Funding is instant and when you win, you withdraw into your Liberty Reserve account.

Liberty Reserve is an e-currency and it works like e-gold. To open an account is free. Go to to open one right away.

After opening your account, your balance will read zero. You will now have to put money into it. That means you have to go out and buy it from a Liberty Reserve exchanger.
You can buy any amount you wish. It is usually denominated in dollars. The amount you will buy it will depend on the Liberty Reserve exchanger.

You can get it between N165 to N180 to a dollar. I'm writing this
in July 20011, so the price will surely fluctuate. It all depends on foreign exchange activities.
All you need to do is to pay the exchanger in Naira to the tune of the amount you want. If you want $100 of e-gold for instance and the day's price is N180, that means you will buy it at N18,000
So where will you find reliable exchangers?
The truth is that they are hard to find. So to protect you from unscrupulous exchangers, I have decided that as an existing customer, I will personally help you find Liberty Reserve.
Whenever you need Liberty Reserve, shoot me an email and I will help you get it within a few days. You can email me at

I didn't say all the above to narrow your thinking down to the bookmakers that accept Liberty Reserve. I know many people that still prefer to go for the established bookmakers that accept Nigerians. They go to their banks to transfer money.
The big bookies are the best to deal with. Weigh your options and then go for what you want. One of the great ones that deal with Nigerians are www.Bet365, and

I know you're going to love what I'm about to share with you. You see, I gone to great length to tell you about the foreign bookmakers out there so you can see the amazing world of football betting out there.
Now that I've done that, I want to tell you about the ONLY bookmaker in the world that allows you to bet in Naira. They are Nigeria's number bookmaker and they have a great service.
Take a look at it at
It's free to sign up at NairaBet. Just head over to and sign up for FREE.

After signing up, you can then fund your account by depositing money into NairaBet's
Guaranty Trust Bank Account that is listed on the website. You will then log into your account, click on “Credit Account”. Enter your teller number and the amount you paid it and then click on “Submit”. The admin will then approve your credit within 2 hours. Your balance will be reflected and you can then begin to place your bet.
As I type this, there is no minimum amount you can deposit into your NairaBet account. The minimum withdrawal however is N1,000 You can ask all your questions about NairaBet at their customer
service forum at
It's wise to start with
Let's Start Betting...
You have a choice on what you want to bet on. No pressures. You determine which team you want to go with. You look at the prices and see if it is profitable for you. Would you go for the weak team in expectation of higher returns or will you go for the stronger team with the expectation of a lower but more assured returns?
It's really your choice.

Let's look at a weekend's fixture we used above.
Assuming you want to bet on
Portsmouth to beat West Ham at home at 8/11, that means with $11, you will win an extra $8 making a total of $19. That is a single bet.

If you want to win significant money from that bet, maybe like $400 then you have to bet with $550.
Although it looks like Portsmouth will beat West Ham, but what if it doesn't happen? What if it ends in a draw? Maybe Portsmouth's keeper made an error and they lost. Anything can happen in football you know.
That means you will lose a whole $550 on just a single bet. That is the surest way to go bankrupt.
There is a way out however.

You can accumulate matches. That means that you can add more than one match together so it bumps the money up. If you put five matches together and put in a small amount like $10 then your expected returns will be bumped up.
Let me explain.
If you place $10 on a match at 1/2, that means your expected return is $3. But if you now put that same amount on three different matches all at 1/2, your money would be higher.
What the bookmakers do is that they place your money on the first bet, then the total returns on the second, then the total return on the third.
The danger with accumulating matches is that once one of the matches go wrong, you automatically lose that bet.

That means you shouldn't accumulate too many matches because there is almost always a problem with one of them.
To have an idea of how much an accumulation will fetch you before you place your bet, you can use the calculator at coral. You don't need to have an account at coral to do this.
(Note that this depends on the price coral is offering viz-a-viz other bookmakers. You can check the odds of major bookmakers at )

First go to coral at and click on football.
Choose the matches you want to accumulate and click on add to slip.
It then lists the matches you have chosen on the right hand side.
Scroll to the bottom on the right hand side and click on “Show Bankers”
It then takes you to a page where you will enter the amount you want to bet with it. It then generates the estimated returns for you.
In the example above, £1 will return £9.70 so than means £100 will return £979. (Pounds is used there because coral is a UK company. Don't worry about that. It's the method you should concentrate on) Looking at it from here, it looks like it makes sense to put as many matches as possible together but the problem is that will they all come true?
You can say a match will end in a draw and then one team gets a winner in the last minute. Like I mentioned earlier, don't accumulate too many matches even when it looks like they will all

What I do is that I accumulate just a few. Sometimes I put together two matches (doubles) or three matches (trebles). It's always safer that way.

Your Football Knowledge Must Come Into Play
To make money with this, you need to know a bit of football. That is why this product is targeted at football lovers and not just anybody.
I assume you know about football already. I assume you know that if Manchester United wants to play at home to Derby, Manchester United should win.
In fact, that is too obvious.

I expect you to be able to analyse that an in form Everton at home have a big chance of beating teams like Reading FC.

I know this is paper analysis but I believe that if you monitor football very well, you should be able to know when a team is in form, when their key players are injured etc.

Other Kinds Of Bets
Please note that football betting is only about winning, drawing and losing matches. There are many things you can do. Let's see a few.
– Player to score first
– Team to score first
– Team to win first half
– Top scorer in the league
– First manager to get sacked
– Teams to get relegated
– Live betting (while match is going on)
And lots more.

There is hardly any kind of event that you can't bet on and they've all got their own prices.
You can see things like Rooney to score first and Man Utd to win 2-0. The price might be around 5/1. That is $1 to win $5 which makes it $6.
These kinds of bets look tantalizing but be very wary. They are always difficult to win. You can just play around with some money here and there and not as your main target.
Creating Your Betting Portfolio

A lot of people make a very big mistake when they start betting on football.
They take some money out of their pocket and bet. When they lose, they take another one out. If they win, they spend it, then take money out of their pockets for another bet.
You'll never make money this way.

To succeed with football betting, create a portfolio. Decide an amount you want to start betting with. It is like the capital you want to use to start your business.

The amount you will put is entirely up to you. You can decide to put N10,000 or N1,000,0000. It's your choice.

Fund your account with whatever amount you want to start with.

Place your first bet with under 10% of your start up. That means that if you are starting with N25,000 make sure your first bet is not more than N2,500

There is no need to rush. There is always a tomorrow. In fact, there will be something to bet on in the next 100 years.

This is to put you on a safe side as you might lose a bit when you start betting. You don't have to worry if you follow the tips I will be sharing with you every weekend.

It's time to start making money.

This is very important. There are some rules you must always have in mind when betting. If you don't follow them, you might have a problem later.
Here they are...

Never Use All You've Got In Your Portfolio
No matter how tempting a bet is, never use all the amount you've got in a betting account on one single bet. Things can go wrong any time.

If you lose it, you will have to take money out of your pocket again to fund your account. Your account should be feeding your pocket and not the other way round.

Never Bet As A Fan
I used to make this mistake in the past. I used to bet that the team I support is always going to win. Don't do this. This is your money we are talking about so club loyalty should be secondary.

Never Bet When Your Gut Feelings Says No
There are some weekends I just don't feel comfortable to bet.
When I bet, I always lose. I don't know why it's like that but I know it happens to a lot of people.
Listen to your inner mind. I don't like cup competitions for instance and I always do my best to avoid them.

Never Be Greedy
The higher the expected returns, then the harder it will be for you to get it right. People lose money when they want to hit it big once. Go play the lotto if you want to hit it big.

Never Rush
It's always difficult to bet at the beginning of the season. Most teams don't get into their strides at the start. Just take it easy and study your bets very well.

Be In Control
When people win, they want to quickly bet again. They usually lose. When some people lose, they quickly want to bet again so they can recover.
Never be like that. There is always a bet later so take it easy. Bet only when you feel it's right, not because you've won or lost some money.

Be Very Careful With Cup Competitions
The bookmakers recognizes only 90 minutes of play when it comes to cup competitions. They do not reckon with extra time and penalties.

There are times all a team needs is a draw to qualify and they will play for a draw. It doesn't matter if they are stronger than the opposition. If you have your money on them because they look stronger, then you will lose your money.
Bet on cup competitions/matches only if you're absolutely certain of what the outcome would be.

Always Pull Out Cash
We're in it to make money isn't it? So regularly pay yourself. If you are doing well, you can fix yourself a salary. If you betting capital is $500, you should be able to pay yourself as much as $500 every month.

If you increase your betting capital to $1,000 then you should be able to pay yourself $1,000 monthly and so on.
Don't worry. Just start small. You will grow into it later.
That's it. You now have what it takes to make money from betting on football matches. Now go for it.

If you have any questions, just send an email to
I wish you all the best.


I would suggest getting comfortable because once you get started you won't want to stop. I know you are extremely anxious to know what exactly this bizarre sounding method is and how it works; now I am going to finally reveal this little known secret to you. I'm sure you've received those worthless free product samples in the mail such as cat food, cereal, or maybe even tampons which I receive occasionally for some odd reason. So why are these items for free? I know the items are worth nothing but the concept behind them is the same; the companies are willing to give you free samples to try to persuade you to buy their products, or for testing purposes. Now I know what you are thinking, "Free cat food is one thing, but a free $2000 in-dash DVD player is impossible!" But guess what, it's not! If you are a distributor interested in selling a manufacturer's specific product, or you would like to beta test new products in order to help companies improve their products, they are usually very happy to send you one or more free sample units (even if it's a $2000 in-dash DVD player). These free samples are yours to keep. Usually all it takes is a request to a manufacturer for a price quote and some sample units. It's really as easy as that! Manufacturers are accustom to receiving requests for samples and send them out daily to potential distributors. This is what large and small retail distributors are doing every day. Another great thing is once you have contacted a manufacturer regarding a product; it is not uncommon for them in the future to automatically mail you similar or related new models. You may also receive product updates and emails inviting you to sample new products. I get them all the time. Remember an LCD monitor costing you $1200 may cost the manufacturer only $30 to produce, if not less. So you can see why most manufacturers don't have a problem with mailing you a sample or demo unit. The information mentioned in this program is legal as this concept is already well known by high positioned employees at most marketing and distribution firms since it is a part of their daily jobs. Before you get started, please note: This information is for everyone, but you need to check up with the manufacturer's policy or their requirements first before you order free samples from them. Please do not misrepresent yourself for any fraudulent or unethical activities. >>Go to Step 1>>
STEP 1: SHIP TO MAIL ADDRESS AND E-MAIL ADDRESS First of all, to get started you need a mailing address such as your house or apartment address. I'm assuming you already have a house or apartment where you can receive your packages, but if for some reason you don't, you will need to get a post office box at a Mail Boxes Etc. or related service. Some of your packages may require a signature upon delivery and they will sign on your behalf. Second, you need an email address. You already have one since you received these files, however I suggest setting up a second email account for business use. Your second email should be professional sounding

Forex trading is considered one of the most lucrative venture in the World, being a Market opened 24 Hours a day and 5 Days a Week. Yet up to 95% of people who venture into forex trading loose their entire investment within the first year of Trading.
Is it really true that Forex trading is profitable? The simple answer is YES. Then why do people loose money? This is a straightforward Question and I will like to answer with a straightforward Answer as well.

  • Over leverage: This simply means you are borrowing too much money to trade and it thus increases your chance of being nervous and blowing  your entire account
  • Over Trading: Never trade more than 5 % of your account size at any point in time. Money management is one of the biggest secret of successful Forex traders
  • Trading with the wrong broker: Choice of broker is also an important factor in succesful trading. There are a lot of Market makers, bucket shops who are eager to collect your money and trade against your success. Beware of brokers and check online Forums to see Comments
However, there are still some broker which are still trustworthy and truthful with Forex Traders. I personally recommend the best broker in ASIA for almost 4 consecutive years www,, and Alpari

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  • Under Investing: Most Forex Traders loose money due to the little Size of their account. In this way, the market moves against them, wipes their account clean and then moves in their previous direction. Most Traders could have made profit in the long run if thir account has been able to survive the whipsaws or the noise and actions of the big players.
  • Lack of thorough Forex Education.In Forex Trading, you learn and continue to learn. I have been Trading Forex profitably for the past five years and im still learning till Date.


There is an awesome profit making in GSM recharge card business especially in Nigeria with more than 140million population, meanwhile most of the populace are phone less, which indicate that this sector for making money has future profit potentials because subscriber are increasing on daily basis.

Just imagine the number of GSM recharge cards being consume daily, meanwhile 60% of this recharge cards fall under VOUCHER recharge cards because average people prefer voucher cards due to flexibility of it’s cost while RICH class populace prefer printed card meanwhile, RICH class in Nigeria population are less than 40%.

Meanwhile, if you can print and sell this vouchers to just fraction of the 60%, imagine the amount of cash you will be realizing daily, weekly or monthly.

What is VOUCHER: it simply means the recharge card PIN in denomination of N100, N150 from the telecom operators.

While printed card are designed GSM card in denomination of N400, N500, N1500.

But this manual is for vouchers. There is a two way by which you can participate in recharge card industry:


WHOLESALER/ DEALER: you will need to partner with the telecom operators like GLO, MTN, ZAIN but it require huge capital outlay like N500, 000 and above. The wholesaler or dealer realize awesome commissions from the telecoms operators directly and get the recharge card at discount rates.

RETAILER: to become recharge card retailer is so simple, even with as low as N5000 to N10, 000 starts up capital but I recommend starting above that, so you can get BONUSES card. As a retailer, you will be ordering the PIN vouchers from the wholesaler or dealer at discount prices as well as bonuses on the quantity purchase.

Sometimes ago, for any recharge card businessmen to transact on recharge card, he/she will have to travel down to wholesaler or dealers office in which most of them domicile in Lagos then, as a result of this, this businessmen risk their live and cash by traveling from far distance part of Nigeria down to Lagos.

Fortunately and thankful, for the invention of e-commerce to Nigeria economic system, any person or retailer that decided to be ordering GSM recharge voucher at discount in any part of Nigeria even in their inner room, once you can access internet connection either at home or café. All you need to be ordering recharge voucher is to access the wholesale or dealer website on your computer and make your transactions easily by simply pay into their prescribe company account, notifies them of your payment along with order products and you will get the recharge pin in your e-mail where you can print it out and sell it in your locality thereby reducing the risk of traveling or carrying bulky cash for this transactions.

WHOLESALER OR DEALER SITE. other will be given at the seminar venue including links of banks that are into this business

Note: you need to also make your due diligence before transacting with any one of them by calling their office hotlines, check their contact details. The recharge vouchers are real and legal. Even you’ll be the first person to access the PIN because it‘s being secured by the telecoms operators.

You simply make gain or profit base on your marketing skills and strategies. Once you order the voucher at discount prices, then to make money is by selling the voucher in printed and staple form.

Assuming you order GLO 100 at the rate of N94 and sold it directly to consumers at N100 or distribute it little higher prices in bulk. To make profit is simply by ordering the quantity of voucher you can sell daily, weekly or monthly to meet your targeted profit. If you can sold 10,000 vouchers weekly or monthly, calculate the profits per unit sold.

You can be selling or distributing your vouchers to the listed venue below:
GSM call centers.
Road sides recharge card vendors.


Open few or various GSM call centers at different marketable locations, in order to sell your cards directly to individuals at prices suitable. You can hire sales girl to stay at each locations.

Distribute to other GSM phone call centers in your locality; supply them directly to their shop every early morning, weekly.

Distribute to several road side recharge card vendors by taking it to them as well.


A lot of people especially in Africa are so hungry for money and confused about how to earn basic needs of life which are Food, Clothing and Housing. They are desperate to the extent that they fall into the hands of novice who sells out information to them without evn verifying if the Seller knows anything about how to make money online and if they actually make the money they claimed to be making. To be sincere with you. My experience had shown that they themselve have never made a dime from the info they are giving out. For instance, during my Student days in YABATECH Lagos, I always long for getting a reliable way of making money on the internet without being fraudulent. Searching through Google always give tons of results from bloggers claiming to have made millions of dolars overnight. However, after sevral months, I succumbed to a well written Article which reads “ Make N100,00 in a week doing affilliate Marketing”. To my regret, it was just a simple GLND Advert the blogger used in raking in my N10,000 for the purchase of the useless and wothless E-book.

 Regardless of my N10,000 loss to the blogger, I still went ahead to leran a lot of Online stuffs on my own fortunatelly with the free Internet facilities in YABATECH Classrooms. I learnt creating free Blog, Advertising, Forex trading and so on. My simple watchword is, keep it simply simple (KISS) use free materials, use free spare time and pay less to achieve more. For instance, I made up my mind to continue using free blog services such as webs, blogger and worpress without paying for domain nmae and web hosting services.

Cutting the Story Short, I have learnt, understood, and made legitimate Profit Online. So, I want to show you the ways I used in raking in minimum of $735 weekly from the Forex Market through Stocks Prices without trading forex at all " Only on Betonmarkets" with an initial investment of under$20. You see, when Forex came out a lot of internet marketers came out with the claim that it would make you N150,000 monthly but they refuse to tell you that you have to invest like N100,000 before you can make upto that amount monthly. I want to state it clearly that i trade forex proffessionaly too and even manage people's account but i cannot advise you to trade forex because of the following risks factors.

In forex you need a Domiciliary account for easy payment processing except now that there are various E-payment like Paypal, Liberty Reserve, E Bullion, Okpay, Perfect Money Etc.

The risk in forex is to high for an average man like you to bear since you are juss or possibly a job seeker.

You need a high ammount of cash to start trading forex profitabily and good times on the screen focusing on both Technical, Fundamental and Trader's Sentimental analysis

In forex you need a good market movement to remain in Profit while in Betonmarket only a single pip movement in your direction is what you need to make profit.

I am glad to tell you that you can still make money full time or part time without leaving your day job by just determining currency, stocks or Commodities prices. Its as simple as saying up or down. Visit this link to see for yourself what am talking about. I made nothing less than $435 on the average everyweek from betonmarket alone without considering other streams of income earned on my blog everyday. This was acheived after a long run in the internet searching for reasonable way of making money. Attending seminars and buying

loads of ebooks.

By this time i want you to go over here and open a virtual account (Practice Account) and start practising money making free of charge.

Under the Startbetting section on Betonmarkes website, we have many types of bet, but i want to really elaborate on RUNBET because that is were i spend my time tapping some cool dolars

from the forex market straight to my savings account in Guarantee Trust Bank wihtout stories. Pls note that betonmarkets is a broker, so you are not betting, they only give you the platform to predict future Currency/ Stocks/ Commodities prices with the Forex market movements.

I have created a strategy with 98.99 accuracy for trading on betonmarkets. When i first hit the $400 Weekly, it was like joke, but now im sure its reality.


What ever you need concerning online biz, dont buy it until i say i dont have it in my achive, i'm saying this because i have been buying loads of ebooks and i'm proud to say i have all it takes to succeed online. And now i'm ready to give it out to people who are in need of it. But listen, i am only going to give you the tested ok products. What i mean by tested ok is the products i have tested and they are profitable, the problem i had was the means of touching those money i made, but i thank God for you cause you are the one that is going to enjoy the fruit of my labour as i am able to BREAK THE CODE OF PAYMENT SOLUTION for you.
I will give it out absolutelly free for first 50 people to sign up. Note: Im only giving out free trade alert/ Signal for 30 days after which you can decide to continue with the paid version or walk away if not satisfied.To get the free Subscription, Kindly send free Betonmarkets Alert as the subject all in Capital Letters to so I can start sending you the alerts and how to trade it on betonmarkets daily. Maximum of 2 alert daily and minimum of 1 everyday Only on tourch or no tourch between 00GMT-13:00GGMT

In case you have any further enquiry, Just dail 08101026421 or add +234 to the number if you are calling from outside Nigeria.

All these for your Success from the stable of

The following vacancies match your search criteria:
HPZ – Lagos
CLOSING DATE: 24 Jun 2011

All Business Units – Lagos
CLOSING DATE: 24 Jun 2011

Soap and Detergent – Lagos

All Business Units – Lagos

All Business Units – Lagos

HPZ – Lagos

All Business Units – All States

All Business Units – All States

All Business Units – Lagos
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

HPZ – Abuja Fct
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – Lagos
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

HPZ – All States
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

HPZ – Lagos
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

Health and Beauty – All States
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – All States
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

HPZ – Osun
CLOSING DATE:: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – All States
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

Health and Beauty – Lagos
CLOSING DATE:: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – Lagos
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – Lagos
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – Lagos
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – All States
CLOSING DATE:: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – Lagos
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – All States

All Business Units – All States
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – All States
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011

All Business Units – Lagos
CLOSING DATE: 30 Jun 2011


AGDC Nigeria: Project & Placement Coordinator
After school Graduate Development Center (AGDC) a social enterprise created for career development programs. They are recruiting for Project & Placement Coordinator who would report to the Team Leader, Projects.
Reference Code: PMO/AGDC/HR/10/10
Department: Projects
Location: Lagos
Qualification & Skill sets
* A degree in Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Project management and other related disciplines
* Minimum of 2 years working experience in Recruitment & Training functions
* Proven ability to multitask whilst leading people and multiple projects. Proven ability to manage project finance and accurate reporting skills.
* Proven ability to plan strategically and accurately report outcomes of all AGDC training interventions.
* Strong oral and written communication and networking skills
* Previous experience in an NGO, Recruitment or Consulting firm will be an advantage
Job Deliverables:
* Program Administration: Direct, manage and record training programs from program inception to impact assessment
* Placement Function: Placement of alumni is a core deliverable of this role, networking skills and demonstrable knowledge of the recruitment landscape in Nigeria is a MUST
* Talent management: Identify, recruit and placement of qualified high potential candidates into donor sponsored trainings.
* Monitoring and Reporting: Cooperate with M & E Coordinator to oversee the feedback, follow-up, support and M & E processes and procedures ;also ensure effective and consistent reporting of project results on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis
* Budget Management: Manage project finances from funders and ensure accountability
* Relationship & Stakeholder Management: Manage communication with all program stakeholders including facilitators, employers of labour, donors, government parastatals etc.
* She/he will also ensure prudent and effective management of human and financial resources of the project
How to Apply:
Stating the appropriate reference code, interested candidates should send hard copies of their CVs with a cover letter to:
AGDC Employability & Enterprise Devt Ltd/GTE,
7 Maitama Sule Street
Off Awolowo Road
SW Ikoyi, Lagos.
Application Deadline: 4th November 2010

Computer Warehouse: Service Desk ManagerComputer Warehouse Group is a major player in the ICT in Nigeria. They are recruiting for Service Desk Manager (Service Delivery Manager) who will report to Enterprise Infrastructure Manager and local CWL Management.

Service Desk Manager
e for the functional execution and delivery of the Service Desk processes throughout business hours. That includes in the integrated operations model all delivery processed defined for 1st through to 3rd level support. The SDM trains, manages and overseas the Service Desk staff (functionally) to ensure that the team members across the tiers deliver the highest level of Customer service possible.Enterprise Infrastructure Manager for overarching service delivery engagement strategy alignment. The Service Desk Manager integrated and collaborates with the Primary Support Engineer as the Service Desk functionally requires the PSE’s 3rd level support engineers support to operate succesfully.The SDM is also responsible for the performance of the Service Desk functions delivery against Service and Operational Level Agreements across all functional processes.Responsibilities

General responsibilities

* Integrate and communicate with the Enterprise Infrastructure Manager on a daily basis for service delivery engagement strategic alignment and execution.
* Integrate and communicate with the appropriate client stakeholders on a daily basis.

Process Management

Manage and leadby the PSE. Functional responsibility for the day to day execution and delivery processes that govern the Service Desk, which is 1st through to a team of Service Desk professionals; excluding the 3rd level support engineering team as they are managed by the PSE. Functional responsibility for the day to day execution and delivery processes that govern the Service Desk, which is 1st through to 3rd level support.

- Specific emphasis towards the following processes:

* Event Management : Ensure that the Event Management process is followed and executed; primarily within the 1st level support team.
* Incident Management : Ensure that the Service Desk tiers adheres to the defined Incident Management process.

Change Management : Where applicable, ensure that the Service Desk staff utilize the ChM process. Examples could be to ensure that throughout an Incident tickets process, Change Management is performed

* Problem Management
* Service Request Management : Ensure that the SRM process is followed and executed.
* Act as the Incident Manager as and when required by escalations throughout the Incident Management process during business hours. Out of hours Incident Manager support should be handled through defined out of hours business support processes.
* Drive functional ticket escalation management; ensure that tickets in process are managed towards resolution. This includes being a functional escalation point for tickets that are not managed appropriately
within each tier

- Develops, implements and improves delivery processes and procedures as and when required.

- To ensure that systems, processes and methodologies as specified are followed to sure effective monitoring, control and support of service delivery.

Reporting and meetings

- Develop a performance measurements framework and facilitate feedback system to team members on issues such as customer service, communication, and technical skills, in order to enhance the quality of support delivered. This is done in alignment with and under the direction of the Enterprise Infrastructure Manager who is the Managed Services engagement lead.

- Responsible for ongoing reporting on the performance of the Service Desk overall, which includes 1st through to 3rd level support.

- To provide reports to an agreed schedule (or on request).

- Conducts departmental meetings as and when required.

Develops and facilitate workshops and training courses for the Service

- the Service Desk (and associated) resources.

- Attend and conduct client service review meetings; areas covered will include performance reports, service improvements, quality and processes.

Customer and Client Management

- Serves as the primary Customer service contact for the Service Desk.

- Acts as a liaison between the Service Desk and other departments and teams.

Integrated Operations Model deployment

- Responsible for supporting the deployment of the Integrated Operations Model across the three support tiers; 1st through to 3rd level support.

- Responsible to stay informed on and support the deployment of changes into the Remedy system which is the primary management system for the Service Desk.

Other duties:

- Drive continued operational improvements for the Service Desk with an emphasis on the Patrol based monitoring environment and the Remedy ticketing system.

Participate and assist in driving the knowledge management process which will be crucial

- continuous improvement of the Service Desk performance.

- Performs other duties as assigned.

- Performance analysis of resources; conduct ongoing resource performance and skills analysis to support operation of the functional Service Desk.

- Perform interviews for new professionals and provide feedback for promoting professionals.

- Develop and demonstrate an understanding of customer and business needs.

Resolve escalated customer

- escalated customer and vendor issues.

- Resolve daily issues of a complex scope that impact the team and overall business objectives.

- Prepare staffing plans as required and in alignment with the Enterprise Infrastructure Manager.

- Manage Service Desk resources for optimal performance.

- Maintain a high level of employee morale within the team.

- Obtain equipment, tools, and space needed to allow team members to adequately support the customers.

- new product/service releases.

- Prepare the support team for new product/service releases.

- Assist in the professional and technical development of team leaders enabling them to set technical goals, monitor, mentor, coach and assist team members to deliver quality support.

- Assist the Enterprise Infrastructure Manager with the preparation and administration of plans and metrics.

Note: The SDM does not have people management responsibilities for the 3rd level support resources.

Skills and capabilities

The following skills and capabilities are sought after in this role:

* Past experience of managing a team within a Service Desk environment.
* Thorough knowledge of Windows operating systems (Windows 2000 and 2003).
* Good understanding of Service Management ticketing systems; preferably Remedy.
* Good understanding of Event Management systems like BMC Patrol.
* ITIL Managers certification is desirable

Demonstrable evidence of influencing positive change within a Service Desk environment

* Ability to lead teams effectively both through structured coaching and delivering by example.
* Thorough knowledge of Service Desk operations to include a good knowledge of IT best practices, industry trends and customer service.
* Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
* Excellent management and leadership skills.

Good organizational skills.

Role background and training

The candidate should possess the following accreditation (or its equivalent):

* 5 years experience in IT field, with minimum 3 years working in a Data Center environment within the last 5 years of employment
* Preferably experience gained in both an internal IT Operations Division within a large corporate e.g. Telco, Finance; and experience within a similar role for a Management Services, Outsourced Managed Services and/or large-scale Shared Services organization that serviced a similar profiled organization.

* 2-3 years people management experience

ITIL certification; minimum ITIL Foundation. ITIL Managers certification preferred.

All applications should be sent to on or before 8th November, 2010. NAFS S.G. Nigeria Ltd: Recruiting Reporters and Administrative Officers
NAFS S.G. Nigeria Limited is a fast growing Information Communication Technology company that specializes in Court and Parliament Automation via the application of stenonograph technology, is recruiting for belowvacancies at Abuja.
1.) Prospective Official Reporters

We require dynamic and focused young men and women who wish to make carrier in Court/Parliamentary Reporting.Qualification / Experience:
Candidates must possess a minimum of 1st Degree or HND with a minimum of Second Class Lower Division and must not be more than 28 years old.
No experience is required as successful candidates will undergo training. Training

Successful applicants will be trained in the art of stenography at the end of which they would be employed by the Federal or State Government as Official Reporters in Courts and Parliaments.
2.) Experienced Administrative Officer.

Qualification / Experience:

Must possess a minimum of Degree or HND in Business Administration or related courses with a minimum of second class lower division and
At least five years post NYSC Experience as an Admin officer.
Application Deadline
1st November, 2010
Method of Application
Applicants should submit their CV and applications online to: or










All applicants must be computer literate and experienced

Submit their applications to:

The Advertiser,
Advert Box No: 2003
Rutam House,
Isolo Apa-Oshodi Expressway, Lagos
PMB 1217, Oshodi, Lagos

Not later than 2 weeks from the date of this publication.

(Chartered by Act No. 103 of 1992)
Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to fill the following vacancies in our organization. MANAGEMENT EDUCATION AND TRAINING CONSULTANTS (PART TIME)
Serve as Resource Persons for workshops, conferences, seminars, and professional examination study centres
Preferably a Higher Degree plus a Professional Qualification in any of the following disciplines: Accounting, Banking & Finance, Management, Marketing, Purchasing & Supply, Economics, English/Mass Communications. Substantial experience


A Degree or HND in in any business related discipline; with experience. Additional professional qualification is an added advantage


A Degree or HND in Accounting, with experience. Additional professional qualification is an added advantage
A hand-written application accompanied  with the candidates comprehensive CV and one recent passport photograph should be sent to:
The Registrar / Chief Executive,
Plot 1666, hiuns 15B, i1 Close, 7th avenue, festac town, P.M.B. 3063, surulere , Lagos
TEL NUM: 01-7944969, 08076983067


An Engineering/Oil Servicing Company required the following for
All candidate must have minimum of 5yrs working experience in related field.
Candidates must be Dedicated, Innovative, Creative and High Performer
Post your CV’s and applications to;
P.O. BOX 3993, Mushin Lagos
Expiry: 1st November 2010.

A well-established Food and beverage Company needs self-motivated
candidate to fill the following vacancy
BSC/HND in Food Science or Biochemistry or Microbiology or Industrial
Chemistry or Production Engineering or Mechanical Engineering
EXPERIENCE: 7 – 10 years work experience in similar operation
AGE: Not more than 35 years
  Post CV and copies of certificates to:
Before1st November 2010.
Disclaimer: The owners of this website ( is not affiliated in any way with the companies whose vacancies are published here. Never pay money to anybody to get a job. this is a free job search website that gives you latest job vacancies available in nigeria

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